Western Rite Critic

A Balance to Contagious Enthusiasm


New visitors may want to read the site systematically. If so, there are several ways to do it:

  • By Category: Read each category in the Category List, which could contain one post or several pages of posts.
  • By Date: Use the calendar (bottom right of the page), and read by date, from December.
  • By Month: Use the Archives list, which shows each month, and read backwards through the pages of posts.

Tags are good for a quick bite, but aren’t nearly as useful for reading the whole site. For instance, not every quotation will be marked with the tag “quote”.

Posting Comments is most welcome. The whole point is to have a venue to discuss real concerns which seem to have been squelched in general. We believe this is healthy. Ask questions if you like, though we may not be able to answer them; someone else might, or maybe no one’s thought of the answer, let alone the question. Also, feel free to post corrections; we are flawed; it’s a given. And feel free to correct corrections; we expect them to be sometimes flawed as well. One caveat: even if feelings may run high, please try to be rational and courteous.

Use at your own risk: anything here may cause your brain to explode, may cause a repetitive thought injury if used to excess, or may give you qualms, concerns, objections, or curiosities for which we cannot and do not take responsibility.

Remember: Orthodoxy is about theosis. That’s it, in its entirety. All that we think, do, or say is but a means to one end, and its that ongoing deification by synergy between our mind, will, and activity, and the uncreated Energies of the Holy Trinity. It involves a continual and concerted, intentional, and intelligent war with the passions, quest for true repentance, self-deprecation and prayer for humility, and stalking of the path of the great monastics fathers of the desert. Apart from this, all we’ve got is a dirty argument, and a lot of theoretically correct (or permissable) flotsum.

Most of all, please pray for the unworthy keepers of this site, so that by your prayers we may be saved.

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