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Why now? What are you not saying?

“Nevertheless, the problem of an Orthodox “Western rite” is unavoidable whenever the question of a “corporate” reunion of Western Christians with Orthodoxy is envisaged. For example, if reunion is accomplished with the Roman Church–obviously in the Orthodox faith–there would also be an Orthodox Western rite, as a result of such a union. Reunion with smaller Western bodies–Old Catholicism, Anglicanism, etc.–has also been frequently envisaged, and even negotiated by the Orthodox Church. It is on the occasion of such negotiations that Orthodox theologians, particularly Russian, have studied the forms of worship in those churches (as Dr. Sopko emphasizes) and come up with suggestions concerning ways of having those forms maintained in the sacramental and doctrinal fellowship of world Orthodoxy, once reunion has taken place.” – Fr. John Meyendorff

The question that comes to mind is: Is that indeed what’s happening – that a corporate union with, say Rome or Canterbury, is being envisaged. One cannot help but noticed the overtures of Rome during this period, or the consolidation of Orthodoxy by the formal union of ROCA/MP/OCA. What’s up? Why suddenly is there a rush to accelerate the number of Western Rite parishes in 2007-2008? The question of ecumenism seems unavoidable.

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