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A Brief History of Rites

Diet Rite: For those prefer an abbreviated rite without all those lengthy prayers and repetitions like the Russians do. Alternately, this refers to an attitude about any rite that sees it purely as a matter for glue and scissors.

Stride Rite: For those who prefer pews and kneelers to the tradition that the Church pray standing, but who still say they’re going back to their Western heritage (i.e. just not that far back). Besides, it makes the comfortable Orthodox look bad.

Rite Aid: The practice of putting Eastern liturgical snippets in Anglican prayerbooks, whether as Sunday inserts or with some tape or glue. Beware Anglicans, groups of disgruntled Episcopalians may be going to work on your BCP’s this Saturday night. You could wake up and find yourself (just like the books) . . . Suddenly Orthodox!

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Do we really think that and will give us ?

Hold down the alt-key and press liturgy.

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Western Uni-Yacht

Western Rite Uni-Yacht

Just kidding. But we also considered [this one because it’s small] [this one because it’s all about paper] [this one for obvious reasons] and [this one, because of what it’s like getting onboard] – oh, and [this one, because it’s going too fast]

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