Western Rite Critic

A Balance to Contagious Enthusiasm


  1. The WRC site is neither pro- nor anti-western rite.
  2. The WRC site is run by members of canonical jurisdictions.
  3. The WRC site respects the judgment and the right of the Antiochian Synod and ROCOR to bless the forms of worship in their jurisdictions’ Western Rite churches.
  4. Nevertheless, the faithful have always felt the need to understand important movements in the Church – since the laity also have a responsibility to understand and safeguard the faith. Since there is disagreement in Orthodoxy over Western Rites and specific expressions thereof – even on the episcopal level – it is appropriate for Orthodox faithful to discuss the matter more thoroughly – always in a spirit of humility and prayer.
  5. Therefore, while implying no disrespect to anyone at all, the purpose of this site is merely to encourage high-calibre discussion regarding Western Rites and practices associated with them, so that all participants may come to their own conclusions on the matter, whether pro or con.
  6. And again, the site is decidedly not pro- or anti-Western Rite; nor is it pro- or anti- AWRV; least of all is it opposed to Canonical Orthodoxy.

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