Western Rite Critic

A Balance to Contagious Enthusiasm


Discussion is only lightly moderated. While the primary purpose of the site is to provide not discussion itself, but talking points for analysis and discussion, there is a comment section at the end of each post that some people are pleased to use for this purpose.

Things that could get a post flagged for moderation are generally:

  1. obscenity
  2. too much personal information
  3. excessive personal attacks
  4. trolling

Things that cannot get a post flagged for moderation include:

  1. disagreeing with a post
  2. poor logic
  3. the content of the ideas


  1. Thank you. I confess more than one reason I haven’t ventured into the Yahoo groups.

    1. I didn’t know that, about the censorship policy.
    2. Everywhere I’ve found, while there may be no policy, countenances campaigns of dogpiling critics, and campaigns of attack which, when things are repeated often enough (labelling you uncanonical, or whatever) get taken for truth. I’ve not found most of them a healthy place for my soul, since I fight with logic – the gentleman’s sword, which does no harm to the rational.
    3.I can’t read the yahoo groups w/o creating an account, and I have a set of moral qualms with Yahoo. Not condemning anyone else’s use of them, but I only use yahoo when absolutely required by a business function, and even then reluctantly.
    4. We’re not primarily a discussion forum. I like what we are. We provide room for discussion and only lightly moderate – we’ve only deleted posts once – and they weren’t adding anything to the discussion. But on the whole, we’re a discussion piece rather than a discussion forum. 🙂

    I might be tempted into your group to look around at some point. I wish I didn’t have to use yahoo to get there. But I’m skiddish about such things. I need to pray more than I need to fight, and I don’t like being under a dogpile. Is it as brutal as a lot of the lists?

    Comment by tuD | February 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. So far, there have been only two WR Orthodox discussion forums where ideas are not censored by the moderator (though there are, of course, minimal anti-flaming rules). One is the Occidentalis yahoogroup, which I moderate. The other is the Orthodox West yahoogroup, which is moderated by an old calendarist. I am very heartened to see that a third such discussion forum now exists.

    Comment by hieromonachusaidanus | February 17, 2008 | Reply

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