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What to do when falsely accused.

accusationOne can either let the external judgment go, and let Christ correct the other as far as the judgment of one’s inner life. Or else, one can declare it a false accusation, in violation of the 9th commandment to accuse w/o cause. Remember: not only that accusation is false that knows the accused is innocent, but also that accusation is false that is not certain of his guilt.

But there is really no need to defend oneself when accused. Being accused, even wrongly, is good:

* Every accusation is an opportunity to dig into one’s own heart and life and accuse oneself as much as possible, and so judging oneself escape Judgment. Use it as a blessing. Say that you are guilty of all things, including any sins mentioned, except for heresy.
* It’s an opportunity for any others that defend you, when they feel the need, to their own credit and honor, and for the reward God will give them, if they do right.
* To someone convinced of your guilt, there may be little that will dissuade them since, if you are not guilty, the issue is not the fact of the matter, but the spirituality (prelest) of trusting in one’s own intuition and perception as the source of truth and of judgment. Had it not come out by falsely accusing you, it would have come out in another way, possibly more harmful to your accusoraccusor. This allows you to pray that their epistmeological operations (the activity of the soul by which it determines what is real) be converted as well, so your accusor not be not be harmed in a far greater way than by falsely accusing you. And so this priviledge is likewise a blessing.

You see how, as St. Nikolai Velimirovich says for us all, “Men can do me no evil as long as I bear no wound.” And that those who speak against us, drive us into the arms of Christ, more than friends do: from Prayers by the Lake. In all these things, accusors, even false accusors, do us a service and we thank them, bless them, and say ‘by your prayers save me.’


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