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Thought you said the clothes make the man?

It is not uncommon to hear WRV priests citing as an “authority” the Ukase of Met. Sergius in 1936. It’s interesting that protocol 10 of that Ukase states that “At their ordination they are to be vested in dress of Western form.” Albeit, the 1958 edict of Met. Anthony said nothing about it either way, but if you’re going to cite something as an authority, do you get to pick and choose? Not that we have any issues with the wonderful Eastern vestments used in the recent round of WRV ordinations, but don’t they? I mean, you know, how can they be at home in… you know… another culture’s clothes?

Anyway, we think it’s time you had a real dose of Western culture. Why not? The clothes are cooler, the music’s more romantic, and the history is more accurate. From the days when might made rite:


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  1. It ain’t the “Good the Bad and the Ugly” but I suppose if I wanted to see that, I could attend the next OCA synod meeting.

    All joking aside, while NOT having previously taken notice of “protocol 10” of the above cited Ukase, I have always thought it odd that AWRV clergy were ordained according to the Eastern Rite, and that when ministering to Western Rite Congregations, the bishop retains Eastern vestments.

    I agree that the Faith is number one priority. Knowing the Orthodox Faith, acquiring and Orthodox mindset, and entering into Orthodox Practice all go hand in hand to complete the picture.

    Perhaps I am a liturgical purist, but I believe that each rite should retain its integrity. IF a western rite is fully orthodox, should it not be used in its entirety? Ordinations? Chrismations? When the bishop is visiting is western rite flock, should he not take his proper place in leading the Divine Liturgy, rather than “pontificating” over it?

    Or, perhaps the western rite people are second class Orthodox no mater how much the A.A. claims otherwise?

    I have been reading through Fr Aidan Keller’s ORTHODOX PRAYERS OF OLD ENGLAND the past few days, and find its contents much more in harmony with the fullness of Orthodoxy than I do the Saint Andrew Service Book or the Orthodox Missal. I have also spoken to several former members of the Western Rite St Mary’s Church in Austin Texas. In discussing their prayer lives and spirituality, they seem to express Orthodoxy in the same manner in which many Eastern Rite (mostly Russian/Ukrainian) people that I know. Regardless of the canonical status of this particular group, they seemed to have “gotten” it.

    Comment by occidentaltourist | January 29, 2008 | Reply

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