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Um… it’s bowels, not heart.

http://www.orthodoxinfo.com/general/monasteryicons.aspx“We do have the Feast of the Sacred Heart in the Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate, and it’s based entirely upon the excellent liturgical texts from the Breviary and the Missal, not upon the excesses of the popular devotion (popular devotion can be crazy, whether its Orthodox or Catholic).” – Lux Occidentalis

‘From the time of the apostles there has always been in the Church something like devotion to the love of God, but there is nothing to indicate that, during the first ten centuries of Christianity, any worship was rendered to the wounded Heart of Jesus. It is in the eleventh and twelfth centuries that the first indications of devotion to the Sacred Heart are found. It was in the fervent atmosphere of the Benedictine or Cistercian monasteries, in the world of Anselmian or Bernardine thought, that the devotion arose, although it is impossible to say positively what were its first texts or who were its first devotees. From the 16th centuray the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was everywhere in evidence, largely due to the Franciscan devotion to the Five Wounds and to the habit formed by the Jesuits of placing the image on their title-page of their books and the walls of their churches. Nevertheless, the devotion remained an individual, or at least a private, devotion. Jean Eudes (1602-1680) made it public, gave it an Office, and established a feast for it. Père Eudes was the apostle of the Heart of Mary; but in his devotion to the Immaculate Heart there was a share for the Heart of Jesus. The most significant source for the devotion to the Sacred Heart in the form it is known today was Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690), who claimed to have received visions of Jesus Christ. There is nothing to indicate that she had known the devotion prior to the revelations, or at least that she had paid any attention to it.’ [source] [discussion] [Monastery Icons]

It’s more gore, along with the stations of the cross. Better Al Gore than this gore. Besides, we touch our bowels when we cross ourselves, not the heart. But that could get even worse.

As for “Windows to Heaven”, instead of the declaration, “He who is”, the icon comes with lucky charms. To be fair, this icon hasn’t popped up in any WR environment that we know of, even if the other spooky icons are ubiquitous in Roman Catholic curio shops masquerading as Orthodox iconography – but it did come up in a discussion on the web, and so it works here to lend illustration to the point.


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