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TAC and Roman Catholic Discussion

Re: 10’s of thousands of Anglicans ask to join the Catholic Church?

More discussion among Roman Catholics:

The reference is probably to the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), which has sent a letter to the Vatican, seeking that steps be taken to enable them, corporately, to return to full communion with the See of Peter.

There is a statement about the letter on their website here , and some background information on them is also to be found at their site.

This group has been separate from the main (Canterbury-based) Anglican Communion for some time, and is not considered part of the Anglican Communion by those in communion with Canterbury.

Big hold up. They have not only married priests, but bishops too.

In the end this will go nowhere IMO. The TAC will reunite with Eastern Orthodoxy. I really think that is a better move given the more traditional orthodox standing of Orthodoxy vs western Catholicsm.

Part of the hold up I understand is the status of the married clergy: those married now would be accepted, but none after the conversion.

There have been groups coming to the Orthodox but often the Orthodox have showned they can be just as ethnocentric, and stated that the would have to adopt Eastern Orthdoxy in toto. Unfortunately, if they had approached the Antiocheans, Russians (both MoP or ROCA) the results would have been different. Such a union would be a shot in the arm of the Western Rite Orthodox.

Much of what you say I would agree: the TAC should have been redirected a while ago (admittedly the IC was an English invention, an so referred when your fathers rejected it, but infallibility, as shown by the denials in the Anglo-Irish Catholic Catechism of even 1870, would not be part of their “heritage”), and if they had not been rebuffed repeatedly by Eastern hierarchs, this would have been a done deal. Part of the problem is the TAC have been presented with the Tiber as the only option, and have been drifting. If a “magisterium” was such a make or break, sine qua non, then there should be no hold up: where else are they going to go, if they are going to go anywhere?

As for you last question: given time, etc.. they could restore an autonomous then autocelphos Anglican Church with all that that implies. With Rome, they will be asorbed as the British Church was centuries ago.

Btw authorizing their DL would not be innovation and not a problem. The missal was approved by a number of patriarchates (Russia, Antioch, Constantinople, etc.) before the actual need. It woud just involve implementing these decrees.

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